c Center for Applications of Mass Spectrometry (CAMS)

Service offerings

Code Service Requisition form Terms and pricing
A01 Synthetic organic molecules mass determination: LC-MS or GC-MS Link Link
A02 Synthetic organic molecules characterization : LC-MS/ MS or GC-MS/MS Link Link
A03 PMF with LC-MS Link Link
A04 Peptide sequencing using Data Dependent LC-MS/MS (Only digested samples will be accepted.) Link Link
A05 Intact Protein mass determination using LC-MS Link Link
A06 Organic extract of Natural product LC-MS or GC-MS (Mass determination of components only) Link Link
B01 Quantitative LC-MS for small molecules(1-10 analytes) Link Link
B02 Quantitative LC-MS for small molecules(more than 10 analytes) Link Link
B03 Small molecules quantitation (relative) Link Link
C01-C03 Pricing for Hourly Basis Usage Link Link