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If you are interested in any career opportunities, please read Applying for a job at Venture Center

1) Employment and consulting opportunities: The Venture Center offers challenging employment and consulting opportunities for people who can identify with Venture Center's goals and mission. Venture Center seeks employees and consultants who have a strong interest and passion in seeing technology innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups succeed, and have a strong "service" ethos.
  • Current & recent openings (Updated on 8 Dec 2018) | To be announced soon

  • We also welcome applications for specialized functions relating to incubation/investment/innovation management/support functions all through the year, if no suitable openings are listed, upload your resume here
2) Fellowships & internship: From time to time, Venture Center announces fellowships & internship opportunities for young people with science, engineering, intellectual property and/or management backgrounds through our website and also newspapers. Please see our announcements section for such announcements. Those very keen on such opportunities, can write to us enquiring of such opportunities at any time. 3) Training & volunteering opportunities: From time to time, the Venture Center announces/offers training and volunteering opportunities for persons with backgrounds in science/engineering, business/ management and/ or intellectual property law. Occasionally training opportunities are announced in other areas as well. If interested, please write to us.

General requirements and expectations from Venture Center employees:

  • Venture Center is a non-profit organization with aims to benefit society by promoting entrepreneurs and start-ups. Thus, Venture Center seeks employees and consultants who have a strong interest and passion in seeing technology innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups succeed, and have a strong "service" ethos.
  • A strong feature of Venture Center jobs is the rich learning environment and opportunity provided to employees to experiment, take initiative and be creative. The work of most employees has visible impact which can be satisfying. Many of our employees like the opportunity provided by Venture Center to own up to responsibilities, shape their own achievements and drive activities. All employees benefit from access to high quality facilities and work environments. Compensation packages can be flexible but are often conservative due to Venture Center's non-profit status and modest budgets. Employees enjoy access to benefits of NCL Staff Recreation Club.
  • General requirements include: a) strong ethical standards and work ethics, b) comfort with computers, computer applications and internet, c) strong communication skills - spoken and written.
  • Venture Center's working hours are 9am - 5.30 pm (Monday to Saturday) and are designed to keep operations of Venture Center convenient for the start-ups, entrepreneurs, inventors and others that the organization serves. Managers in certain functions are provided the opportunity to avail of flexible hours. All jobs are located at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The Venture Center also provides challenging learning and growth opportunities for employees, consultants, trainees/interns and volunteers/ honorary staff. (Statistics as of 25 Jan 2017):

HR summary by Type of Engagement
(as of 1st Mar 2018)

Type of engagement Number
Regular employees 21
Consultants 04
Volunteers, Sr. Fellows, Fellows,Interns 20

HR summary by Roles
(as of 1st Mar 2018)
Roles Number
Leadership 07
Operational 19

HR summary by Gender
(as of 1st Mar 2018)
Gender Number
Female 28
Male 17

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