What our beneficiaries/clients are saying about us:

"A very good experience of working with Leica confocal microscope. Received a very good guidance in relation to image acquisition and analysis. "

-Geetanjali, DST INSPIRE Faculty, Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, SPPU

-Benefitted from: Microscopy and imaging

"Flow cytometry facility at venture centre is very good. It provides a lot of features in terms of many combination of lasers and filters, which helps in designing the experiment easy and efficient. Sujaya I and Dr. Agrawal were very helpful and cooperative while running the samples. It was very good experience using the flow cytometry facility.I would definitely make use of the facility in future for my experiments."

-Vibha Singh, Graduate Student, IISER Pune

-Benefitted from: Flow cytometry

"We would like to thank Venture Center for offering use of confocal microscopy facility. Leica confocal microscope is one of the best in its grade available in Pune area. We could get a good quality images for our nanomaterial based circulating tumor cells detection system that we are developing at Actorius Innovation and Research Pvt. Ltd. During the session, we received good support from Mrs. Sujaya Ingale and representative staff from Leica who helped us in capturing the best quality images that we were aiming for some time. With my experience I believe that we would plan more experiments employing confocal microscopy in future. I would also recommend others to use this facility available at venture center. "

-Milind M Pore, Research Scientist , Actorius Innovations and Research

-Benefitted from: Microscopy and imaging

"Facility assisted analysis of compression experiments using Bose electroforce testing unit at venture center has helped to solve a long standing problem in measuring our soft soft hybrid hydrogels due to the lack of appropriate facility in our organization. Thanks to Ms. Edna Joseph and Mrs. Anuya Nisal for their helping hands and support."

-Arun Torris, Technical Assistant, CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory

-Benefitted from: Mechanical testing of scaffolds and tissues

"The Electroforce system has a good accuracy and range and has a lot of features to characterize various samples. Edna was helpful while running the samples."

-Tanuj Gigras, Director, Nayam Innovations Pvt Ltd

-Benefitted from: Mechanical testing of scaffolds and tissues

"It has been a good opportunity to interact and learn various aspects about acquiring and troubleshooting during the use of confocal microscope facility at Venture Center."

-G.CHANDRIKA, Ph.D (SRF), National Centre for Cell Science

-Benefitted from: Microscopy and imaging

"Confocal microscope facility here is really very good. Venture Center staff and Leica Expertised people are very cooperative and helpful."

-SHOUVIK MITRA, Nehru Post doc., NCL, Pune

-Benefitted from: Microscopy and imaging


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