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The Venture Center is India's largest science business incubator.

The Venture Center is a technology business incubator specializing in technology startups offering products and services exploiting scientific expertise in the areas of materials, chemicals and biological sciences & engineering. Venture Center strives to nucleate and nurture technology and knowledge-based enterprises by leveraging the scientific and engineering competencies of the institutions in the "Pune region" in India. The Venture Center aims to empower and enable scientists and engineers in pursuing technology, innovation and entrepreneurship objectives.

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The Venture Center is the trademark of Entrepreneurship Development Center, a not-for-profit company hosted by the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India.

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Supported by :
Premier IP creating Lab in India Technology Commercialization and business supporting agency, India Technology Startups & Business Incubator supporting agency, India Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, India
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International Business Incubator Association Indian Business Incubators Association infoDev Incubator Support Center

Support under CSR programs:

(16-27 May 2018) Summer Activity Club: Math Gaming Club New

(16-18 Apr 2018) Three-Day Hands on Workshop on Flow Cytometry : Basics, Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, Cell Viability and Data Analysis New

(24 Mar 2018) 28 Mentoring Clinic session for Venture Center Incubatees (Theme: CFA,SSA, MoUs, Marketing Agreements) by Ashish Porwal (Founder and Principal of HREEM LEGAL ) New

(23 mar 2018) 27 Mentoring Clinic session for Venture Center Incubatees (Theme: Finding & Engaging Co-founders) by Srikant Sastri New

(23 Mar 2018) Co-founders for Startups by Srikant Sastri New

(22 Mar 2018) Legalogy of Marketing and Distribution Arrangements for Tech Products by Ashish Porwal (Founder and Principal of HREEM LEGAL) New

(17 Mar 2018) Half-day workshop on M&A of IP-rich Startups: Planning for Success

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(13 May 2017, Dainik Jagran) CSIR - IITR: Technology Day New

(6 May 2017, Pune Mirror) Pune-based startups win big at Startup Bio event in Bangalore | Sakaal | Sakaal New

(29 April 2017, Pune Mirror) ENTER IRON MAN ORIGINAL

(March - April 2017, BCIL Newsletter) Workshop on Technology and Innovation Management: Key to Effective Commercialization

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(1 Jan 2018) NIDHI Seed Support Scheme at Venture Center, Pune - Round 1 New

(1 Jan 2018) Current & recent openings New

(6 Dec 2017) BIRAC SEED Fund at Venture Center, Pune - Round 3

(5 Aug 2017) BIRAC SEED Fund at Venture Center, Pune - Round 2