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International Linkages and Networks

The Venture Center interacts regularly with international groups promoting/ supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, trade and technology. These interactions help us learn/share best practices and also develop international networks to support our technology commercialization and business incubation efforts.

Some of the groups we have recently interacted or collaborated with include:

(13-15 July 2015) Three-Day Hands on Workshop on Flow Cytometry Basics, Apoptosis, Cell Cycle and Data Analysis New

(13 June 2015) Meet the Investor 21st talk on Early stage Venture investments by Ventureast and Endiya-Introduction, opportunities and experiences by Dr. Ramesh Byrapaneni New

(3 June 2015) Meet the Investor 20th talk on Introduction to Villgro funding and pointers on fundraising/ investor pitch by Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Chief Investment Officer, Villgro Innovations Foundation New

(18 - 22 May 2015)Five - Day Introductory Workshop on Having fun with "Scratch Programming & Sensor Boards" (wave-2) New

(13-14 May 2015) Hands on training workshop on Basic Flowcytometry and it's application in multicolor flowcytometry

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(Dec 2014)Venture Center featured in BIRAC newsletter New

(13 Dec 2014, ET)Scientists turn entrepreneurs, take research from labs to market New

(4 Nov 2014) Call for applications: Pune MedTech Fellowships | Call opens 4 Nov 2014 | Call extended last date 9 Dec 2014, 5 pm | >Advertisements New

(11 Sep 2014: Sakal and ToI and I.E , Pune) Workshop on Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in India New

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(16 March 2015) Visvesvaraya Fellowships for Engineering Students & Young Engineers New

(16 March 2015) Rajendra Lagu Fellowships for Technology Immersion New

(10 March 2015) Venture Center on BIRAC panel on ecosystems and platforms New

(28 Feb 2015) Call for applications: Pune MedTech Fellowships | Call opens 28 Feb 2015 New