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International Linkages and Networks

The Venture Center interacts regularly with international groups promoting/ supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, trade and technology. These interactions help us learn/share best practices and also develop international networks to support our technology commercialization and business incubation efforts.

Some of the groups we have recently interacted or collaborated with include:

(17 Dec 2015)7th Innovation and Technology Enterprise Lecture Series, Prof Chaitan Khosla: Connecting Molecules to Human Health: Opportunities and Challenges for Start-ups in the For-Profit and Non-Profit Worlds New

(5 Dec 2015)One day symposium on Vaccine Development in India and Other Developing Countries - Challenges and Opportunities New

(4 Dec 2015)Biotech Ignition Grant 08 (BIG 08) Mentoring Seminar for Entrepreneurs and Innovators @ NCCS, Pune New

(1 Dec 2015) One-Day Workshop on Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)- Wave 1 New

(29 Nov 2015) International Space Station New

(28 Nov 2015) One-Day Intensive Workshop on Thermal Analysis – DSC & TGA Postponed

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  • In the news

(20 Sep 2015, Campus Times Pune)The First Ever TEDx MITP Event Was Conducted by MIT Pune New

(15 Sep 2015, BIRAC's i3 magazine)Venture Center perspectives and spin-off creation efforts featured in BIRAC's i3 magazine in Sep 2015. New

(2 Sep 2015, Ahmedabad Mirror) Life with Pi New

(21 Jul 2015, Financial express)Incubating Right

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  • Announcements

(15 Sep 2015) Current & recent openings (Call opens on 15 September 2015; Call closes on 25 November 2015) New

(3 Aug 2015) (3 Aug 2015) Campaign: Anti-Microbial Resistance - "Building entrepreneurship in Anti-Microbial Resistance"

(3 Aug 2015) (3 Aug 2015) Campaign: Sanitation - "Building entrepreneurship relating to Sanitation"

(24 July 2015) Inauguration of Venture Center-BioIncubator by Prof VijayRaghavan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology (DBT)