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International Linkages and Networks

The Venture Center interacts regularly with international groups promoting/ supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, trade and technology. These interactions help us learn/share best practices and also develop international networks to support our technology commercialization and business incubation efforts.

Some of the groups we have recently interacted or collaborated with include:

(7 Oct 2015) The European Patent System and EPO Examination Procedures: Interaction with EPO Officials New

(13 Sep 2015) Astronomy Calling New

(8-9 Sept 2015) Two-Days Hands on Workshop on PCR and Real-Time PCR: Techniques and Applications New

(29 Aug 2015) One day Campaign on Anti-Microbial Resistance: Situation, Needs and Priorities in India

(10 Aug 2015) Overview of Biomass availability and application in India and implications for Biomass based energy

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(21 Jul 2015, Financial express)Incubating Right New

(1 Jul 2015, Pune ToI) Call for proposal under "Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG)" New

(19 Jun 2015, BioSpectrum) State Govts need to do more for incubation New

(16 May 2015) Venture Center featured in

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  • Announcements

(3 Aug 2015) (3 Aug 2015) Campaign: Anti-Microbial Resistance - "Building entrepreneurship in Anti-Microbial Resistance" New

(3 Aug 2015) (3 Aug 2015) Campaign: Sanitation - "Building entrepreneurship relating to Sanitation" New

(24 July 2015) Inauguration of Venture Center-BioIncubator by Prof VijayRaghavan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) New

(7 Jul 2015) TDB Seed Fund at Venture Center, Pune - Round 10 Closed

(1 Jul 2015) Venture Center announces calls for application for LexInnova-Venture Center Award for Inventive Enterprises New

(1 Jul 2015) Venture Center calls for application for for LexInnova-Venture Center Award for Social Enterprises New