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"Venture Center has been an excellent partner in my effort to apply for BIG grant. They were not only systematic but also proactive at every step along the process. Having worked overseas for the larger part of my career, it was impressive and inspiring to see the top-class professionalism and competence of the Venture Center team. This played a major role in my proposal getting BIRAC support. My sincere thanks for your dedicated support and looking forward to continued association. Your team rocks!"

-Jayadeep Unni, Founder, Medical Device Startup

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"My interaction with Venture Center, Pune started about five months back in connection with application for BIG funding for a project of my own. I am extremely delighted that I made the right choice of taking assistance and guidance from Venture Center. Today my project stands among the list of successful submissions. I sincerely appreciate Venture Center's efforts, their eagerness and willingness to support such needs of individuals like me. I take this opportunity to convey my thanks to all at Venture Center as the mentoring support received from them really helped my project concept reach this stage. My special thanks goes to Dr. Premnath Sir, Dr. Manisha Premnath madam, Ms. Uma Patil madam and Ms. Pradnya Aradhye madam for their caring attitude, earnest motivation and constant guidance in the matter. "

-Dr Vanita Prasad, Scientist, Emerging Start-up

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"The team at Venture Center has been a tremendous support to us as we begin our journey of a startup venture. Their help, the mentoring they provide and the moral and technical support has been invaluable in securing our first government grant. Even being outside of Pune, they reached out and made it easy for us to avail of their services and mentor us through the grant application. A big thank you from the OmiX Team"

-Sudeshna Adak, CEO & Director, OmiX Research and Diagnostics Laboratories Pvt Ltd

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"Helium Consulting has practically grown from scratch in the Venture centre from a 1-man show to a strong services company it is today. We owe a lot to the setup of Venture Centre, the eco system it offers and most importantly the constant guidance we get from Dr Premnath in strategic matters. He has been a Guide and Mentor for me. It has been a wonderful experience for me and my team here!"

-Indranath Majumdar, Director, Helium Consulting Pvt Ltd

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"Venture Center recently organized a pitch session with Dr. Shirshendu Mukherjee from Wellcome Trust. I would like to thank Dr. Premnath and Pradnya for accommodating our last minute request to be part of this pitch session. The session was very well organized and helped us validate our findings with the key stakeholders in the industry""

-Swapnil Gawade, Founder, Emerging Start-up

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"I wholeheartedly appreciate the small acts of generosity and the I must say, the collection of books is simply superb. I got a couple of books issued for my National level Competitive exam and am happy that the books turned to be so useful that I made it to the Merit List of top 15 %.. Kudos and Blessings to Saroj Madam.I look forward to using this Library and referring this to many others in days to come. "

-Kavita Baghel, Founder & Chairman, Fasttrack Hr Services

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"Venture Center has been a great launching site for us. Venture Center's ready-to-move innovation center facilities and knowledgeable and supportive staff gave our software startup a blistering start -- we were able to move in and immediately focus our efforts on our mission rather than being bogged down with office setup issues. The ability to launch quickly enabled by Venture Center did wonders for our startup and in my view, is a priceless resource for Pune's startup community!"

-Bhaskar Rao, CEO, VANtage Systech

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"The services and support provided by Venture Center (VC) is excellent. I deeply appreciate the prompt response of the team and their willingness to help us out in any situation. The entrepreneurship support at VC is intensive and critical for the growth of technology startups and VC is indeed leaving no stone un-turned."

-Ashish Bohora, Director, Barefeet Analytics Private Limited

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"I was very delighted with the prompt and excellent help and advice given to me for the submission of BIG grant proposal. They made the entire preparation and submission process extremely easy for me."

-Pawan Samdani, Director, Eumentis Informatics Private Limited

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"Venture Center is a very unique organization with the perfect blend that inspire, support and guide innovators to take their ideas and technology to the market efficiently. Venture Center and their professional team of experts supported through the grant application process. I am indeed surprised by their personalized care that can help bring life to small ideas and nurture it to grow into an entrepreneurial venture. This vital combination is making them the best center for budding entrepreneurs in making their dreams come true. I am extremely happy to be associated with this great organization and I thank them all for the support. I am confident that Venture Center is an organization of national importance and wish them a great success. "

-Dr Ramesh S Ve, Associate Professor, School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal University

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"Venture Center is a wonderful resource and support system for multiple issues faced by SMEs and start-ups. Key benefits received were with regards to funding options, information on IPR, and FTO."

-Abhay Shendye, Director & CEO, Swasti Agro & Bioproducts Pvt Ltd

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"Venture Center provides a unique entrepreneurial environment with a blend of seasoned professionals, scientists and academicians and young entrepreneurs. The entire team of Venture Center is extremely supportive and provides the necessary hand-holding during the very initial and crucial stages of an enterprise. The services at Venture Center as a Science and Technology Innovation Park is very well thought of and conducive for young enterprises. The innovation park is well connected with several organizations across the world. I wish I had come to know about Venture Center much earlier to kick start my entrepreneurial journey. I wish them all the best and hope that in the very near future it emerges as a cluster of great science and technology companies of the world."

-Nishant Kumar, Founding Director, Embryyo Technologies

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"I was pleasantly surprised to receive such warm support and great counsel from Dr. Premnath and team at Venture Center,when I was struggling to start a Medtech company. It helped reinforce confidence in my ideas and project. I received great feedback and insight from the team along with mentoring from Dr. Lagu too. I believe Venture Center is creating the right ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs. For someone interested in Biotech/Medtech this is a really good place to be incubated in. I wish them great success in their partnership with BIRAC for BIG and ability to support new Biotech companies off the ground. Looking forward to developing stronger ties once I don my entrepreneur hat again!!"

-Dr.Rutwik Shah, Grad Student, Translational Medicine, UC Berkeley/UCSF

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"Being associated with Venture Center I realized how a small idea when nurtured with intellectual support can turn into a big venture. The whole team of Venture Center is doing wonderful mentoring by which they will definitely sculptor the future of science with their motivation and cooperation. I thank and wish them good luck for their future endeavour. "

-Tania Paul, Research Associate, APT Research Foundation, Pune

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"Venture Center and especially help from Dr. Premnath was very useful for business plan development. Venture Center also helped me articulate BIG application. It also identified gaps in BIG application and helped to fill the gaps. Thanks Venture Center!"

-Karthik Somasundaram, Director , Mother Diagnostic Systems Pvt Ltd

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"I had an opportunity to visit Venture Center in connection with my lecture in a workshop. I was extremely pleased to see the infrastructure and other amenities available for researchers and students. This was necessary in this part of our country which will benefit a large fraternity of scientists. Additionally, this center will facilitate transfer of technologies from concepts to practical realities. I express my best wishes for this wonderful center."


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"I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Dr Premnath and his team at the VC NCL. They mentored us through the Biotechnology Ignition process and helped us win the grant from BIRAC. This helped us jump start our venture Jeevtronics quickly. They helped us with the business plan by providing important insights, helped us garnish our pitch and even maintained the rapport with the funding agencies. They manage to attract best of the minds in the technology entrepreneurial environment-investors, legal advisers, entrepreneurs, scientists, etc- to come and speak at the VC. This eco-system is probably unmatched in the country. Given the wonderful eco-system they have created, the Venture Center at NCL will significantly change the tech start-up scenario in and around Pune/ western India. Many more inventors/ innovators now have the necessary incubation support needed in the early stage. I foresee lot of exciting and successful start-ups emerging out of the Venture Center in near future."

-Ashish Gawade, Director, Jeevtronics

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"Science based startups like us require an ecosystem of scientists,technologists, business people, IP analytics,legal advisory, laboratory infrastructure and network with good employees and prospective customers to create value and succeed. Venture Center is a unique place in India and amongst the few in the World which provides and also help leverage the this ecosystem. Its a unique model which needs to be replicated throughout the country."

-Tanuj Gigras, Founder Director, Nayam Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

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"NCL venture centre gave the proper directions and tips to how to apply for the BIG. This included guidance in filing application form, lectures, meeting with with ex awardees. They were highly helpful in clarifying things to us. They even agreed to provide mentoring support even if we are not incubated in Pune venture centre. we are happy with their support."

-A.Rosalind Marita, Asst. Director, Haffkine Institute

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