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Collaboratorium at Venture Center

The collaborative innovation platform for problem identification, problem definition and surveying existing solutions.


The Collaboratorium is a platform for collaborative innovation. It focuses on one critical aspect of the innovation process problem identification, definition and refinement. The underlying philosophy hope and assumptions are that

  • Detailed and insightful problem definitions which are openly available to all will help and excite a large number of people to attempt solutions.
  • People will be willing to share problem definitions with others relating to the most pressing and difficult-to-solve problems of society especially those affecting the most underprivileged and/or those with a weak market pull.
  • An opportunity to engage with others in refining and sharpening the need definition, and also find potential partners who are equally excited about the opportunity.

Basic rules:

  • Each Collaboratorium shall have an Editor and one or more Authors.
  • Participation as Editors and Authors s by Invitation only.
  • Anybody interested in contributing information can write to Editors.
  • The Authors should only put up non-confidential information.
  • The Collaboratorium is currently only for discussion problem definitions and NOT for suggesting new ideas and solutions.


We wish to build Collaboratoriums on different themes so as to catalyse innovations on those themes and help build a network of solvers/innovators and entrepreneurs to build ideas and take the ideas to eventual fruition.

Current Collaboratoriums:

Contact person:

Dr V. Premnath