Supporting NCL-TEC

The NCL-TEC is a non-profit activity driven by research scholars and associates at NCL that aims to provide a common platform/forum for people with a shared interest in technology and translating it into products and services useful to people. The Club plans to focus on various aspects of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The NCL-TEC invites donations and financial support from individuals and institutions who wish to support the mission of NCL-TEC. At this time, NCL-TEC is accepting donations for the following purposes:

Category Purpose
NCL-TEC corpus Donated funds contribute to a corpus. The principal is not depleted. The income on the corpus is directed towards the aims of NCL-TEC.
Unrestricted use for expenses The donated amount is directed to the expenses of NCL-TEC.

The NCL-TEC accepts donations from well wishers, ensures its proper utilization and reports to its donors regularly on how the funds were deployed. The donors shall enjoy Section 80-G benefits. The donors are acknowledged publicly through the website, printed brochures, pre-event announcements etc.

To donate, please write out a cheque in the name of "Entrepreneurship Development Center" and mail it to:

General Manager
Venture Center
100, NCL Innovation Park
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
Pune - 411008

Note of clarification: The NCL-TEC is currently a project of the Venture Center (officially registered as Entrepreneurship Development Center). The Venture Center has created a corpus in the name of “NCL-TEC” which shall be exclusively used for the purposes of the NCL-TEC. In the event that NCL-TEC becomes an independent entity, the corpus shall be moved into the new entity.

Thanks for your support