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Pune Biomed Network

The Pune Biomed Network in intended as an informal group of innovators, entrepreneurs and mentors with an interest in Biomedical Technology – including medical equipment/instruments, devices, implants and diagnostic systems. The Pune Biomed Network shall aim to meet periodically to hear talks, learn from each other, plan any shared/co-share resources, network and help each other achieve their goals. The participants could be from various backgrounds such as:

  • Biomed instrumentation
  • Biomedical product design and mechanical engineering
  • Biomedical materials science
  • Tissue engineering
  • Medical research and/or practice
  • Public health professionals

The mission of the Pune Biomed Network shall be help each other in designing, development, validation and delivery of Biomed engineering products and services, and thus help create a Pune cluster of innovative biomed enterprises and technology development organizations.

The Pune Biomed Network is hosted by the BioIncubator at Venture Center.

Venture Center plans to organize:

  • Talks
  • Networking sessions
  • Mentoring sessions

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Contact person:
Ms Priya Nagaraj
Venture Center
100, NCL Innovation Park
Dr Homi Bhabha Road
Pune – 411008
Phone: 020-2586-5877


  • (4 April 2014) Kick-off meeting of Pune Biomed Network (2.30-4 pm, Venture Center)
  • (4 April 2014) Talk by Dr Shreeram Dhurjaty, (4 pm, Venture Center)
  • (28 Feb 2014) Preliminary meeting to explore interest (3pm, Venture Center)


Membership is limited to serious (as demonstrated by previous and current efforts relating to technology development and/or entrepreneurship) technology developers only and by invitation only. (Interested persons can contact the address mentioned above.)

  • Innovators and entrepreneurs
    • Chinmay Deodhar
    • Aniruddha Joshi
    • Nishant Kumar
    • Prateek Jain
    • Kaustubh
    • Ashish Gawade
    • Aniruddha Atre
    • Tanuj Gigras
    • Imran Sheikh
    • Sachin Dubey
    • Usman Khan
    • Piyush Joshi
  • Mentors and senior technologists
    • Niranjan Khambete
    • Rajendra Lagu
    • Premnath Venugopalan
    • Sreeram Dhurjaty