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Technical Workshop Series:

1-day Hands-on Workshop on

Digital Design/Prototyping with Verilog

(Introduction to Digital Design through HDL)

LEARN Introduction to Digital Design/ Prototyping using Verilog, a industry standard hardware description language using Open Source Tools. Hands-on sessions.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Digital design
  • Digital Design learning aspirants with background in Digital Circuits Theory and Boolean Logic.
  • Electronic / Robotics hobbyists who aspire to design using FPGA's
  • PG students/ Final year UG students in electronics/ instrumentation engg
WHEN Thursday, 28 April 2011
Timings: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
WHERE E-Class room, Venture Center
Entrepreneurship Development Center,
100 NCL Innovation Park
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune-411008
CONTACT Administrative queries:
Ms. Namrata Salwe
Phone: 91-20-2590-2984; Email:
Technical queries:
Mr S Basu; Phone: +91-9260462088
For more information, visit:
FEE Rs 1000/- per person.
Limited seats. First-come-first-serve
25% discount if you bring your own laptop
Further, 25% discount for students against valid ID cards

Workshop description

Hardware Description Languages ( HDL's ) are the industry standard method of designing digital circuits , from LSI to VLSI. Out of the main contenders , Verilog has a large share among digital designers mostly because of its very simple syntax yet being very close to hardware. The Workshop aims to teach digital design principles using Verilog to people acquainted with digital logic basics. The Workshop focuses on :

  • Hardware Design Life Cycle: The workflow of a modern design is a complex process involving people with various skillsets and layered design structure with a multitude of tools interfacing between the layers. We take a top level view of this flow to understand the challenges.
  • The Role of HDL: With many current day designs crossing billion transistors , HDL's are the life force behind digital designs keeping designs modularized for easy human understanding and yet connectable and instantiable to produce elaborate designs
  • Tools Required: Design Tools by intent are extremely expensive impairing the hands-on learning experience of an aspirant. We take a look at open source tools for learning hands-on and understand their limitations.
  • HDL Tutorial: We take a look into the Verilog Syntax with real life examples. This is the main focus of the workshop.
  • Hands on Design and Simulation: Our Workshop also includes hands-on design and simulation lab time discussing tips and tricks about design , the tools and in general how to find out whether your design works?
  • Licensed Tools: For people who intend to make working prototypes , we include introduction to the various tools present in the market and their estimated costs.


  • Learn Digital Design Life-Cycle
  • Learn Verilog Syntax and Open Source Tools
  • Practice by designing real life components

Target audience
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Digital IP Design
  • CSE/EE/ECE students in their senior years or PG students
  • Hobbyists/Robotics Fanatics
  • (Note: Participants need to have studied or taken basic courses in digital logic before)


The workshop shall be taught by Mr S. Basu.

Profile : Design Engineer with experience in both Digital and Analog Design. Experienced in a multitude of EDA and simulation tools. Strong interests in Embedded systems design and multicore code design. Hobby Robotics fan and entrepreneur in related field.

Education : B.Tech (H) '03 , M.Tech '04 (Indian Institute Of Technology , Kharagpur)

Experience: Component Design Engineer for Intel India's first Multicore project; Co-author of Enhanced Structural Tester Based Functional Test methodology for Intel Multicore processors; Mixed-Signal Design Consultant for National Semiconductor's Sponsored Project at IIT Kharagpur; Entrepreneur and Design Engineer

Research and previous Workshops: Behavioral Modelling for Mixed Signal Sytems using Verilog-AMS speeding up simulation times by 1000x; Analysis of spice simualtion engine for simulation speedup; Computer Architecture : Multi-core programming using Message Passing Interface and CUDA; Workshop on Behavioral Modelling at IIT Kharagpur

Timings Topic Duration Comments
9.00 - 10.00 Introduction 60 min The What and Why of Digital Design
  Hardware Design Evolution    
  Current Trends    
  Digital Design The Layered Approach    
  The Role of HDL    
  Tools and Design Stages    
10:00 10:30 Tea 30 mins  
10.30 - 13.00 HDL Basics : HDL is not a programming language 150 mins Introduction to Verilog
  Module Creation    
  Testbench Creation    
  Simulating the first Design    
  Analyzing the results    
  Combinatorial Design   Type -1 Design
  Register Transfer Level Design   Type -2 Design
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch 60 mins  
14:00 14:15 Team Formation 15 mins  
14:15 15:30 Tutorial : Combinatorial Logic 75 mins Clearing basic concepts
  Tutorial : RTL    
  Tutorial : FSM Design    
15.30 - 16.00 Tea 30 mins  
  Teams Report out on F-Maps    
16:00 18:00 Tutorial : ALU Design 120 mins Advanced design principles
  Tutorial : FIFO Design    
  Workshop Feedback    
  Goodies Handout    

Workshop includes
  • Classroom and practical sessions about digital designs and get practical insights.
  • 150 page handout with useful, practical information
  • Access to a restricted website with links to useful resources, software resources etc
  • Joining a mailing list communityof digital design enthusiasts
  • Certificate of Participation from Venture Center
  • Basic lunch and tea/coffee at Venture Center Cafeteria

About the organizers

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