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Venture Center and Eppendorf have teamed up to support early stage incubation of high risk technologies with considerable potential for socio-economic impact, in the Venture Center's extended innovation ecosystem. The overall shared goal is to nurture inventive activity and incubate inventive technologies / ventures.

Under its Corporate Social Responsibility activities Eppendorf has provided a grant funding for supporting technology ideas and innovators selected and recommended by Venture Center.

The scope of the collaboration includes:

Under the proposed project, EDC proposes to support technology ideas and innovators with funding support. The support is intended to help a budding entrepreneur strengthen the business case and/or technology status so that it is more likely to get commitment of funding support from funding agencies and/or investors. EDC will extend its own mentoring support and facilities access to the selected awardee for a period of 12 months or until the grantee raises an independent funding support or investment for taking the technology ahead.

The EDC shall put out a call and select suitable technology ideas/innovators to support. The projects will be preferably chosen to emphasize the following themes

  • New technologies with promise
  • Potential solutions to socially relevant needs such as maternal and child health, affordable health, energy and environment, solutions for the disabled and elderly, waste to value, sanitation and agiculture/ rural technology.
  • Women innovators and entrepreneurs
In the case the awardee is an individual, the project shall be operated as a project of EDC and if the awardee is start-up, then EDC shall provide a small infusion of funds to the start-up.

This collaboration was launched in FY2015-16.

This initiative is operated by Venture Center wherein corporates can associate with Venture center and contribute to its social mission under CSR provisions. See for more details.