The TechRx stages:

The TechRx Service consists of the following parts and stages-
StageName of the stageTasks undertakenTypical, numbers and filteringEnd point and deliverablesExamples
  • Mining organization for useful capabilities, knowhow and IP via documents and meetings. Quick assessment.
  • Building a database of knowhow, potential problem addressed, solution proposed, value proposition.
  • Recommendations on strategy for IP protection & analytical assessments
  • Database
  • IP advise
  • Careful evaluation of technology from value proposition perspective
  • Quick market research
  • 1-page technology marketing document for selected high-potential knowhow
  • 1-page technology marketing document
  • Listing on Flintbox
Tech marketing documents of NCLI | Flintbox listings of NCLI
  • Studying carefully select high-potential opportunities with respect to value proposition, markets, industry, barriers including patents etc
  • Suggest the "going-to-market" strategy
  • Detailed report
TOC of PLLA report (pdf)| TOC of CuNano report (pdf)

Following up on TechRx:

The Venture Center offers several services, resources and mechanisms to facilitate and support the technology commercialization process following the TechRx service. Details are available at . The Venture Center will be happy to explore and facilitate further follow-up action for promising technology candidates.

Modes of engagement and terms:

TechRx is available as a funded or paid service to R&D and academic organizations. The legal entity that undertakes TechRx projects is the "Entrepreneurship Development Center". Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) is the official (registered) name of the Venture Center. EDC is a Section 25 (not-for-profit) private limited company. The Venture Center was created under a scheme of the CSIR with funding support from DST-NSTEDB. Today, EDC enjoys supports of the Ministry of Science and Technology (DST-NSTEDB, DST-TDB, DSIR, CSIR, DBT-BIRAP) and also Ministry of MSME, Government of India. In this context, EDC can undertake TechRx projects as either a) grant-in-aid projects or b) consulting services projects.

Model 1: Consulting service
  • Client meets with TechRx team and explains need, scope of work etc
  • TechRx team submits a consulting proposal to the client outlining the scope of work, milestones, timelines and indicative costs.
  • Client awards consulting contract
  • TechRx project begins
Model 2: Grant-in-aid project
  • Funding agency or R&D organization meets with TechRx team and explains need, scope of work etc
  • Funding agency or R&D organization identifies appropriate funding scheme under which work can be undertaken along with formats and mechanisms to be followed.
  • TechRx team submits a proposal under the appropriate scheme outlining the scope of work, milestones, timelines and estimated project costs.
  • Grant funding is approved and received
  • TechRx project begins

Terms & Conditions:

Detailed Terms and Conditions (pdf)

Some other relevant points:

How to begin?

Please contact Ms Madhu Krishnan, Manager of the TechRx program to set up a first meeting to discuss your needs. Click here for contact information