Aishwarya Nair

BS-MS (Biology), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Bhopal.

An eager scientist, with strong technical inclinations, Aishwarya wants to explore translational research as a means to solve the challenging problems of our society. She wants to use her science training to identify needs and explore novel solutions from a biologist's perspective. Aishwarya has been a Kishor Vigyanik Protsahana Yojana (KVPY) research scholar, a prestigious scholarship from Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. She availed this fellowship at IISER Bhopal and Bigtec Labs, Bangalore where she worked on nucleic acid delivery in cancer cells in the field of immunology for her Master's project.
A very ardent amateur mathematician, Aishwarya loves solving trigonometry, integration and differentiation problems. She is also an avid reader who is passionate about classic literature.
Monish Deshmukh

BSc, Physics, University of Pune, MSc, Environmental Science, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Monish is an environmental physicist by background. His previous research has been in the field of Astronomy and Environmental modelling and that's where his research interests lie.
He has worked for Environmental Information Systems (ENVIS) center for Municipal Solid Waste Management by Ministry of Environments, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF & CC), Government of India, where his work mainly included data inferencing for policy makers at various levels. He has also worked with various NGOs over the years on program designing and executing programs like leadership development, team building, disaster management.
He is passionate about teaching and adventure sports. He is an accomplished SCUBA diver, Mountaineer, rock climber and a triathelete.
Pramod Bhurji

B.E, Computer Science, Jabalpur; MA, Social Entrepreneurship, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Pramod's main interest lies in the area of solid waste management (SWM) and solving environment issues. After doing a pilot in the field of SWM, he started a company called DeWaste Environment Solutions which aims to provide affordable eco-friendly sustainable SWM services. Pramod has also done a short career stint of 2 years in Capgemini Pvt. Ltd. as a senior software engineer.
Friendly by nature, Pramod values relationships. He enjoys travelling, understanding and exploring different cultures and drawing cartoons.
Shubham Singh

B.E, Chemical Engineering, BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. M.Sc, Advanced Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK.

Shubham is passionate about science and his research interests are focused on sustainable materials, carbon capture and clean energy. Whilst studying in London, he co-founded a bio-based material company, MaterializeX. The company designs and contributes in the research and development of a material which is made up of algae. Shubham aspires to be a social entrepreneur and work towards achieving the sanitation related sustainable development goals.
Shubham has been associated with social issues from a young age. He founded a non-profit Gramiksha in 2011, at the age of 19. Since then he has been able to make a constructive change in the lives of less privileged kids and expanded the organization in 6 cities within 2 years of its inception.