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Soft Landing Platform

Depending upon the availability of facilities and other resources, Venture Center facilitates larger companies or corporate venturing activities or other science-led activities, on a case-to-case basis by providing support for soft-landing to relocate their R&D operations or technology development activities to Pune city especially those which have significant potential for synergies with National Chemical Laboratory and other research institutions in the region.



  • Activities of the company are focused on R&D and technology development. Planned human resources emphasize research personnel.
  • All Soft Landing requests involving existing/established/larger companies can be accepted depending up on the availability of facilities and resources. Venture Center has allotted only 10% of overall incubation space to assist entities under Soft Landing Program.

Terms, conditions and pricing:

  • Under Soft landing program the Venture Center services are offered at a premium price point as compared to the prices listed for small entrepreneurs and start-ups. The premium is applicable under two categories.
    1. Category 1: At a premium of 50% of the listed prices to multinational companies* .

      The premium has been revised to 50% with effect from 1st August 2017 and will be applicable for all existing multi-national large establishments under category 1 of Soft Landing program currently in Venture Center and the new companies inducted after 1st August 2017.

      *A multinational company is defined as the one that has facilities and other assets in at least one country other than its home country. Such companies have offices and/or factories in different countries and usually have a centralized head office where they coordinate global management

    2. Category 2: At a premium of 25% of the listed prices to large established Indian companies#

      The premium category of 25 % has been introduced with effect from 24th January 2020 and will be applicable for all existing large Indian establishments under category 2 of Soft Landing program currently in Venture Center and the new companies inducted after 24th January 2020.
  • The premium is applicable up-front on services listed below,
    1. Dedicated Lab space
    2. Dedicated full service office space
    3. Hot Desking service
    Note: The Bio-Starter package service as a part of dedicated lab space is not available to the companies under Soft program.
  • Discounts: No discounts will be applicable on any of the Venture Center services under Soft Landing program
  • Payment:
    • An advance payment needs to be made for all the services. The duration of advance payment depends on the service requested.
    • Demand draft or local/ at-par cheque in the name of "Entrepreneurship Development Center" or direct deposit into the Venture Center's bank account. Online bank transfer options available. Bank details available here.

Process of applying:

  • Kindly read the Terms and Conditions
  • Please contact the Venture Center staff for preliminary discussions. This allows Venture Center staff to understand your needs and propose possible options

    Manager- Incubator
    Venture Center
    100 NCL Innovation Park
    Dr Homi Bhabha (Pashan) Road
    Pune - 411008
    Phone: +91-20-2586-5875/76/77

  • Use this Application Form to apply
  • Companies have to apply for each programs of interest separately
  • Submit the application in person or by post or send scanned copy by email to the above address.
  • The Venture Center staff has to table the request to the Incubator facilities and services oversight committee for approval before responding.
  • The decision of Venture Center management shall be final regarding acceptance into the program.

Current beneficiaries:

  • MFC Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tarana Wireless India Pvt Ltd

Past beneficiaries: