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Technopreneur Promotion Program (TePP)

The Entrepreneurship Development Center ('Venture Center') recently received approval under the scheme "Technopreneur Promotion Program (TePP)" of the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research to serve as a TePP Outreach Center (TUC)

"Technopreneur Promotion Program (TePP)" is run by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research to promote innovation and to promote individual innovators to become technology - based entrepreneurs (Technopreneurs). There are various schemes under the TePP program to fund various stages of technology development and needs of individual innovators.

For any further information, please email: tepp@venturecenter.co.in

Team and Advisors

We have an experienced team which will guide you and assist you in applying for the TePP funding. More information on the team and advisors can be found here


Details forthcoming

Incubatees of Venture Center are encouraged to contact Venture Center for further information.

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