Water Firms in India

Water firmsProducts/Services
UEM Group Design and execution of water and wastewater projects
Patel EngineeringEngineering firm
Aqua Designs India LimitedEngineering firm
Doshion LimitedWater management
Wabag groupWater treatment solutions
Concorde Enviro Systems Pvt LtdMakers or water and wastewater treatment equipment
Siemens TechnologiesTechnologies and services for water and wastewater treatment

CSIR Labs working on Water Technologies

CSIR LabTopics of Research
Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar, GujaratElectromembrane Processes, Reverse Osmosis, Ultrapure Water , Silicates and Catalaysis, Phytosalinity, Analytical sciences
National Chemical Laboratory, PuneNanomaterials, chemical sciences, ultrafiltration, process designs, microbiology, material sciences
National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, NagpurEnvironmental management, biotechnology, impact assessment, water technologies, solid waste management, material sciences
Central Building Research Institute, RoorkeeDisaster management, flood control, new materials research
Regional Research Laboratory, BhopalLight weight material , nanomaterials, recovery from wastes, rural technologies
National Geophysical Research Institute, HyderabadHydrocarbons, groundwater management, minerals in water

Other Organisations Working on Water Technologies

OrganisationsTopics of Research
DRDO (New Delhi)Onsite Water Testing kit, polymeric flocculants for water treatment, iron removal from water
TIFAC, DST, GOIGroundwater management

Engineering Colleges & Research Centers

OrganisationsTopics of Research
IIT KharagpurPolymeric flocculants
IIT KanpurOrganic Sensors for detecting pollutants in water, Studies on the removal of arsenic and fluoride from ground water using low cost adsorbents, development of home filters, Removal of Chromium and Cadmium from industrial effluents using functionalized biopolymers, Endocrine Disrupters and their detection, Pathogenic organism removal from waste water effluent, Development of metals impregnated micro/nano polymeric precursor beads in the separation and/or recovery of precious pharmaceutical compounds in biofluids. Growth of carbon nanofibers within the macroporous beads in the environmental remediation applications.
IIT MumbaiBiological treatment of wastewaters containing oil/hydrocarbons, development of fluid separating membranes , nanoparticles, biomaterials for various uses.
VIT VelloreStudent research projects on water treatment and purification
NIT TricchunapalliAgricultural water use, polymeric and inorganic membranes for wastewater treatment,
PEC Univ of technology, ChandigarhGeochemical parameters of groundwater, student research projects on water treatment and purification, low cost automation