Venture Center, a technology business incubator hosted by NCL/CSIR in Pune, seeks to identify market opportunities for successful commercialization of water technologies in India. Through its Proof-of-Concept fund and Lab2Market program, Venture Center plays an active role in nucleating spin-off ventures based on IP & knowhow sourced from Indian R&D institutions.

Water Site

This site summarizes our past & ongoing work related to identifying specific market opportunities in India that can be exploited using water technology. We've shared information on books, reports, blogs, R&D labs, investors, events, etc. - these are great resources for water enthusiasts, entrepreneurs/startups, water industry professionals, VCs, R& D labs, policy makers and NGOs.

Projects / Areas of Interest

Venture Center is actively researching / working on projects related to:

  1. Heavy metal removal from water
  2. Surface-modified porous polymers for wastewater treatment
  3. Water investment strategies for Indian investors

Contact us to collaborate with us on primary & secondary market research, proof-of-concept / prototyping projects, investment analysis, and more.