The current instruments at Cell Studio are:

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope:
Leica TCS SP8
On Leica DMI 6000 BS Inverted Microscope fully motorized with Leica SuperZ Galvo stage
High speed scanning system with up to 428 frames per second, Large field of view
Excitation lasers 405nm, 488nm, 543nm, 633nm,647nm
Three spectral fluorescent light detectors (two PMTs and a HYD high sensitivity detector), one transmitted light detector
On stage incubation system with temperature, CO2 control and humidifying system.
For detailed specifications, click here.
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Flow Cytometer:
BD LSRFortessa SORP cell analyzer
Equipped with 5 lasers (Blue, Red, Violet, Yellow-Green, UV). Detection of up to 18 colours simultaneously.
For a detailed table of lasers, filters, and fluorochromes , click here.
BD LSRFortessa workstation: Microsoft Windows operating system with FACSDiva software for data acquisition and analysis.

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Mechanical Test Instrument:
Bose Electroforce 3200 Series III
Equipped with Saline bath and BioDynamic Chamber.
Well-suited for low-force testing of biomaterials and engineered materials
Versatility for a variety of test applications

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Other instruments

Lab EquipmentMakeModelSupported by
BHSL-1 Laminar Air Flow Cabinets (For mammalian cell culture)Micro-FiltVertical
BHSL-1 Biosafety cabinetMicro-FiltClass II Type A2
BHSL-1 Low Temperature IncubatorJeio TechIL-11A
BHSL-3 Incubator ShakerSteelmetRIS
BHSL-1 CO2 IncubatorNew Brunswick ScientificInnova CO-48
BHSL-1 CO2 Incubator (with Steri-Cycle and in-chamber HEPA air filtration system)Thermo Fisher Scientific371
BHSL-1 Optical Inverted Microscope and Image Capture SystemLeica DM IL LED
BHSL-2 Freeze Dryer ScanlafCS 55-9 PRO
BHSL-2Refrigerated CentrifugeEppendorf5804 R
BHSL-2Clinical CentrifugeRemiC-85416
PFLUltracentrifugeBeckmann CoulterOptima XE-90 Ultracentrifuge
AILOptical Upright Microscope and Image Capture System Leica DM 2500 M
BHSL-1 Freezer -80°CNew Brunswick ScientificInnova 101
PFL Freezer -20°CHexatech HIPL-014