Service offerings

The following are services are operational.

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Hot Labs (Start date: 15 September 2009):
Lab space on rent for half day, full day or monthly basis. Includes High speed internet, basic utilities, parking space, security etc.

Analytical Services (Start date: 15 September 2009):
Access to Analytical services on per sample basis on DSC, TGA, PSA, OM and UVS.

Confocal Microscopy Services (Start date: 7 April 2014)
Flow Cytometry Services (Start date: 1 Jan 2015) : BD LSRFortessaTM cell analyzer with 5 lasers - Blue, Red, Violet, Yellow-Green, and UV. Detection of up to 18 colours simultaneously.

In vitro cytotoxicity test (Start date 1 Sep 2016):

Mechanical Testing Services (Start date: 1 November 2014):
Access to Bose ElectroForce system with Saline bath & BioDynamic Chamber