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Advisory Services

About Venture Centerís Advisory Services:
Venture Center offers advisory / consulting services for technology entrepreneurs and enterprises on selected topics of use to science/ technology entrepreneurs. Venture Center does this through two sets of advisors: a) Internal advisory team of Venture Center; b) External advisory panel.
The Advisory Services are provided via interaction with the applicant via a series of discussion meetings with our experts. The meetings are intended to focus on broad strategy, evaluation of options, referrals etc
Broad areas covered under Advisory Services:

Business Planning

These include sharpening value proposition, definition of markets/ industry/ customer, financial projections, milestones and risk planning and creating a business plan document.
Intellectual Property & Technology Commercialization

These include preliminary patentability analysis, IP landscapes, IP portfolio analytics & planning, basic IP knowhow & infringement issues, etc.
Nuts-and-Bolts of Company Creation and Management

These include company incorporation, financial & accounting setup, HR processes, import/export basics, regulatory requirements, etc.
Science & Technology

These include technology road-maps, strategy creation & due diligence; with an emphasis on chemical, materials and biological sciences; instrumentation, scientific software, informatics, and scientific services.
Fund Raising

These include planning & matching startup capital requirements with appropriate sources of funding; ranging from governmental agencies (eg. DST, MoMSME) to HNIs/angels and professional investors such as venture capital firms.
Market and Industry Insights

In specific domains, Venture Center can provide insights into specific markets or industry segments in India.

Note: We also offer referrals in all of the above areas to high-quality service providers such as CAs, patent agents & filing firms, scientists, equipment distributors, etc.

Our Experts

The Venture Center leverages various experts in offering its Advisory Services. Our team of experts and the terms of engagement with them are listed below:

  • Internal team of advisors: Venture Centerís internal team of advisors encompasses several years of experience in the operational & strategic matters that a typical science/technology enterprise needs to deal with.
    • Profiles of selected internal experts and affiliates
    • Terms of engagement between Venture Center and its affiliates: On a need basis, Venture Centerís team invites affiliates (especially NCL Innovations staff) to share their insights and offer advice to entrepreneurs. The Venture Center team takes care of any conflict of interest and commitment issues before inviting affiliates for a discussion. The affiliates offer their time to Venture Center on a pro bono basis. Affiliates offer advice only on non-confidential matters.
  • External team of advisors: Venture Center interacts with various external experts and service providers for its own purposes as well as for the benefit of its incubatees. Following links lists our current panel and the rules of engagement that Venture Center follows:
    • Profiles of selected external experts
    • Summary terms of engagement between Venture Center and its external experts: On a need basis, Venture Centerís team invites external experts into meetings with entrepreneurs. The Managers of the Incubator exercise judgment in deciding who to call based on the need of the entrepreneur, specialization of the expert, availability of the expert, conflict of interest issues etc. The external advisors typically commit 1 hour a week to the Venture Centerís advisory service. If they choose, the entrepreneur can engage separately with the external advisors outside the Venture Centerís advisory services program.
    • How are the experts chosen and how they do they sign-up with Venture Center? Most experts in the panel have interacted with Venture Center in the past either offering services to Venture Center or its incubatees, or conducting workshops, or have participated in our committees or have been referred to us by our Board members. They typically have some track record and history with Venture Center. In most cases, an important requirement is to have an interest in working with budding/ early-stage technology entrepreneurs and a longer-term vision of building relationships. Interested experts can write to the address below to discuss further.
    • Agreement signed by Venture Center with its external advisors
    • Every advisory session involving external advisors begins with the signing of a 1-page agreement signed between the Applicant, External Advisor and Venture Center. (Agreement to participate, disclaimer and confidentiality agreement)

Application and Process:

  • Please study these "Terms and Conditions".
  • Use this "Application Form" to apply
  • Process:
    • We acknowledge receipt immediately.
    • This is followed by a free first session to understand and define the advice needed by the applicant
    • The Venture Center team then plans one or more sessions with the applicant to provide this advice. Relevant advisors are chosen by the Venture Center. The advisory session is conducted at Venture Center premises.
    • Every session involving external advisors begins with the signing of a 1-page agreement (Agreement to participate, disclaimer and confidentiality agreement)
    • Every session ends with the applicant submitting a Feedback form

Contact person:

Ms Soma Chattopadhyay
Manager- Incubator
Venture Center
100, NCL Innovation Park
Dr Homi Bhabha (Pashan) Road
Pune - 411008
Phone: +91-20-6401-1026

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