Accelerated Commercialization of Technology and InnoVation

Workshops organized by AcceleratorIndia (UK) and Venture Center (India)


India is seeing the emergence of a variety of interesting science and technology based business ideas and opportunities that have global market potential and enterprises to capture these opportunities. The nucleation and nurture of such technology intensive enterprises can be achieved only through the promotion and development of high-end entrepreneurship for people with a science and technology background.

The regulatory environment in India has rapidly evolved to support commercialization technologies from R&D labs (eg. CSIR, IITs, DRDO, etc.) via startups. For example the DSIR notifications of May 2009 (Scientist Entrepreneur and Knowledge-to-Equity) allow R&D labs and their scientists to own equity stakes in new ventures in exchange for intellectual property, consulting, technical support, etc.

We believe that there is an urgent need to develop skills for technology entrepreneurship amongst various stakeholders in this space, including:

  • Technology managers and licensors at R&D labs
  • STEP/TBI managers
  • Scientists & inventors
  • Technologists
  • Technology entrepreneurs

It is in this context that Accelerator India (in partnership with Venture Center) has developed the ACTIV workshops, that have a sharp focus on science & technology entrepreneurship.

The key objectives that the ACTIV workshops aim to achieve are:

  • Strengthen competencies in public research institutions and technology transfer and commercialization organizations in India in the area of Technology based entrepreneurship, i.e. taking an idea from the lab to the market in the form of new products and services.
  • Build new capabilities for commercialization through a variety of business models such as licensing, technology transfer and new venture creation.
  • Transform a small but significant section of India’s science and technology manpower and technology transfer and commercialization manpower from job-seekers to job-generators, by promoting new knowledge driven enterprises.