Accelerated Commercialization of Technology and InnoVation

Workshops organized by AcceleratorIndia (UK) and Venture Center (India)

Date/Time & Location

  • December 12 & 13, 2010
  • 9am - 6pm
  • Venture Center, NCL Innovation Park, Pune

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs from science & technology startups with a significant India strategy
  • Technology entrepreneurs in India with aspirations for a global footprint

Key Take-aways

  • Lessons from Cambridge (UK) in crossing the triple (product, market & customer) chasms
  • Best practices on scaling an Indian startup into a global enterprise


Dinner Speaker

Shri. Pramod Chaudhari
Pramod Chaudhari graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Bombay in 1971. He established Praj Industries Ltd. in 1984, a global leader in biofuels technology. As founder of Praj, Pramod has always sought challenging opportunities. He believes in continuous learning and to refresh his own perspective, he attended Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School in 1995. He blends entrepreneurial spirit with professional management style to perfection. His ability to channelize the energy of individuals from different walks of life towards their chosen goals is remarkable.

A great lover of entrepreneur development, Pramod has taken it upon himself to guide small and mid-size Companies. He is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and sees a major role for Praj to play in this area too. Pramod has been profiled in a book called 'Thought Leaders' by a leading Indian Author, which focuses on visionary entrepreneurs. He co-authored a book ĎAs is What Isí, a story of the journey of Praj which recounts its trials, tribulations and achievements. He is the recipient of many awards for entrepreneurship and excellence. He is actively involved with various national and international organizations like the Global Growth Companies and CII and MCCIA (Pune). Presently, he heads the CII National Committee on Biofuels as its Chairman and is Vice Chairman, CII Maharashtra State Council. He is also member of National Biofuels Committee, Planning Commission, Government of India, which has initiated policy framework for introduction of renewable fuels in India.

He is Founder Chairman of Praj, India (Turnover in 2007-08: exceeding US$ 160 mln) and Praj Jaragua Bioenergia (a JV with Jaragua Equipamentos, Brazil). Praj, India has a JV Company in The Netherlands, BioCnergy Europa B.V. (with Aker- Solutions) and a 100% subsidiary in USA, Praj Schneider.

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