Accelerated Commercialization of Technology and InnoVation

Workshops organized by AcceleratorIndia (UK) and Venture Center (India)

Workshop outline

All ACTIV workshops will be structured so that participating scientists, researchers, nascent entrepreneurs, incubator managers and staff will gain new knowledge, practical tools and key insights by interacting with entrepreneurs, business builders, investors and other service providers, which they can apply in their commercialization activities. The workshops will include a range of content and a structure that provides ample time for reflection, discussion and sharing of learning.

In particular, the workshops will target:

  • Application of strong commercialization frameworks to evaluate opportunities for innovative technologies that may be under development
  • Clear emphasis on routes to commercialization and various commercial models that maximize the potential for success
  • Establishing a strong commercial foundation for business growth to create a sustainable business model
  • Elements of creativity in exploring the commercialization opportunities and overcome any challenges in the commercialization process
  • Providing a supportive framework that creates the right environment for entrepreneurial businesses to flourish
  • Interacting with entrepreneurs familiar with taking products and services to market to make connections and facilitate “real ventures” to arise from the activity

Mentoring sessions by practitioners with expertise in technology commercialization and its challenges. (See faculty bios).

Each ACTIV workshop will be geared towards generating key outputs that go beyond skill development to solving particular issues being faced by the individuals participating in the programmed.