Pune Special Attractions - Festivals & Happening Events


Palkhi:- Palkhi, the Essence of Maharashtria. It is a 1000-year-old tradition, where the warkaris collectively go singing and dancing in Dindis (organised group of warkaris) to the holy town of Pandharpur. in Hindu months of Ashadh (June-July) and Karthik (November-December). A mammoth procession of intense religious fervor, to be experienced and be enriched. (http://www.maharashtratourism.net/festivals/palkhi-festival.html )

Ganesh Utsav - a grand 10 day festival in the month of August/Spetmeber celebrating the elephant god Ganesh. It spreads the message of brotherliness and unity. Idols of Lord Ganesh are installed in temporarily erected pandals, with thematic tableaus depicting religious, political and social themes. A special sweet called ‘modak’ is distributed. (http://forumforhinduawakening.org/articles/id/living/sattvik-living/ganeshotsav )

Chaturshringi Jatra A 10-day festival dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is held during Navratri in September. People from nearby villages gather here to display their produce and handicrafts. There are games and recreation and food stalls. It is a village fair and captivates one with its rustic charm. (http://www.asiarooms.com/en/travel-guide/ )

Film Festivals

Shaniwar Wada Dance Festival It is held in front of the Shaniwar Wada, historic monument in Pune. The monument is illuminated and against this backdrop, the best exponents of Indian classical dance perform to the melodious sound of ghungroos, mingled with soulful music. A truly memorable experience. (http://www.shaniwarwadadancefestival.com/)

Vasant Vyakhyanmala Started in 1875, it has a 136 year unbroken history! An annual Spring Lecture Series, held in April. Subjects from diverse fields like social, cultural, science, health, literature, finance, law, education, youth and history are covered in the lecture series, by experts and thought leaders. (http://www.thepunekar.com/2011/04/19/vasant-vyakhyanmala-annual-spring-lecture )


Pune is famous for its Sangeet Natak and Natya Sangeet. It combines dance, music and drama, a unique form of theatre. Bal Gandharva, is one of the greatest of singers and stage actors of Natya Sangeet.


Sawai Gandharv Music Festival – this festival is unique to Pune and a treat for conoisseurs of music, both Hindustani and Carnatak. (http://sawaigandharvasangeetmahotsav.com/about_us.html )


Pune International Film Festival Started in 2002, it has grown to be a major Annual Event, held in January. It is organized by the Pune Film Foundation jointly with the Govt. of Maharashtra. The best foreign and Indian films are screened and awards given to Best International, Film, Best International Director and Best Marathi Film (http://www.puneinternationalfilmfestival.com/ )

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