Aurangabad, Goa, Mumbai

  • Aurangabad - a city steeped in history, a 5 hours journey from Pune. There are many places of tourist attraction. Bibi ka Maqbara, a replica of the Taj Mahal , built by Aurangazeb is main tourist attraction among others. Other historic places worth a visit are the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the Daulatabad Fort, Panchhakki Water Mill, a meteorite crater the Lonar Crater and Museum.
  • Mumbai - the mega city, Commercial and Financial Capital of India. A mere 2 hours drive on the Expressway will take you to this happening City. Needs no introduction as is well-known internationally. There is a lot to do and see in Mumbai - Colonial Buildings, Museums, Art Galleries, Beaches, Temples, the Borivali National Park etc. It's away of life that has to be lived and experienced - the eateries, the shopping, the local trains, the dabbawalas of Mumbai, and the warmth and bonhomie of Mumbaiites to any and all. It can be reached by car, luxury and state buses to Mumbai are there at 15 minute intervals, by rail, or by taxi.
  • Goa - formerly a Portugese stronghold on the Western coast of India, it is a haven for tourists. It is famous for its beaches, its cuisine, its music and the Goa Carnival during New Year is a must!! An Indian seaside resort with an exotic appeal.

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