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Lab & Scientific support

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Floor plan

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Lab & Scientific support offerings

Offerings Purpose
Biology and Health Sciences Lab For some simple cell growth/ development studies mammalian and bacterial (not fungal), molecular biology, etc
Prototyping and Soft Materials Lab For producing shaped objects, assembly, prototypes for property/ performance measurements etc
Chemistry Lab For carrying out simple chemistry experiments, sample preparation, material synthesis etc at the lab scale
Low temperature Storage Equipments For storage at 4C, -20C and -80C
Tinkering Lab For prototyping and design
Analytical & Instrumentation Lab For analytical measurements, materials and elemental characterization, testing etc

Hot Labs

Biology and Health Sciences LabTop
Lab EquipmentMakeModelSupported by
BHSL-1 Laminar Air Flow Cabinet-1 (For mammalian cell culture only)Micro-FiltVertical
BHSL-1 Biosafety cabinet-1(For mammalian cell culture only)Micro-FiltClass II Type A2
BHSL-1 Laminar Air Flow Cabinet-3 Micro-FiltVertical
BHSL-1 Air Sterilizer SterlomaxxZephyr-2
BHSL-1 CO2 Incubator -1New Brunswick ScientificInnova CO-48
BHSL-1 CO2 Incubator -2 (with Steri-Cycle and in-chamber HEPA air filtration system)Thermo Fisher Scientific371
BHSL-1 Inverted Microscope and Image Capture SystemLeica DM IL LED
BHSL-1 Clinical CentrifugeRemiC-85416
BHSL-1 Water BathEquitron- Medica6721 DI
BHSL-2 Microcentrifuge Eppendorf5418
BHSL-2 Refrigerated Centrifuge Eppendorf5804 R
BHSL-2 Ultrasonic ProcessorHielscher Ultrasonic GmbHUP 100H
BHSL-2 Freeze Dryer ScanlafCS 55-9 PRO
BHSL-2 Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System Bio-RadSub Cell GT Cell
BHSL-2 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System Bio-RadProtein II xi Multi-Cell
AIL Real time PCREppendorfMastercycler ep gradient S
BHSL-2 UV-Visible SpectrophotometerLabindia UV 3000+
BHSL-2Microplate ReaderTecan Infinite 200 PRO
BHSL-2 GEL DOC Alpha Imager System Bio-RadChemiDoc XRS+
BHSL-2Optical Microscope and Image Capture System Leica DM 2500 M
BHSL-2 Vortex MixerEppendorfMixMate
BHSL-2 Ice FlakerIcematicF-80C
BHSL-2 Analytical BalanceMettler ToledoAB265S/FACT
BHSL-2 Precision BalanceMettler ToledoPB3002-L
BHSL-3 Laminar Air Flow Cabinet-2 (For bacterial culture)Micro-FiltVertical
BHSL-3 Biosafety cabinet-2(For bacterial culture)Micro-FiltClass II Type A2
BHSL-3 Ultracentrifuge Beckmann Coulter Optima XE-90 Ultracentrifuge
BHSL-3 Fermentor New Brunswick ScientificBioFlo 115
BHSL-3 Refrigerated Circulator Escy EnterprisesIC201-J
BHSL-3Low Temperature IncubatorJeio TechIL-11A
BHSL-3Incubator ShakerSteelmetRIS
PWB Vertical Autoclave Equitron- Medica7441STWL
PWB Portable Autoclave Equitron- Medica7407-ST
Prototyping and Soft Materials LabTop
Lab EquipmentMakeModelSupported by
Lab Bay-1 Planetary Ball Mill RetschPM-100
Lab Bay-1 Spin Coater Prabodh NirmanSCM-30
Lab Bay-1 Hotgun Blower Black & Decker CD701
Lab Bay-1 Sieve Shaker & Test Sieves KumarKI-54-01
Lab Bay-1 Convection oven Prabodh NirmanCOV-20
Lab Bay-1 Digital MicrometerMitutoyo293-805
Lab Bay-1 Vernier CaliperMitutoyo532-121
PWB Hydraulic Press Prabodh NirmanHP-30
Chemistry LabTop
CMSL Fume Hood Godrej interioBench-top
CMSL Vacuum Oven Jeio TechOV-11
CMSL Rotavapor BuchiR-210
PWB Muffle furnace Raut Scientific 
CMSL Digital pH analyzer Labindia PHAN
CMSL Precision BalanceMettler ToledoME3002 New Classic Balance
CMSL Magnetic Stirrers and Needles KumarKI-66-04
CMSL Vacuum pump Prashant ind.JET-VAC
CMSL Sonicator Bath Equitron- Medica8442.030.53H
CMSL Ultrapure (Type I) Water System MilliporeSynergy
CMSL Water Distillation Unit KumarKI-38-04
CMSL Type II water system Ion Exchange IndiaIndion LabQ Water Make
CMSL Hot Air Oven Raut Scientific 
Tinkering LabTop
Low temperature storage equipmentsTop
Lab EquipmentMakeModelSupported by
BHSL-1 Freezer -80°CNew Brunswick ScientificInnova 101
BHSL-2 Chemical Cooler 4°CCelfrostFKG 350
AIL-2 Freezer -20°CHexatech HIPL-014
AIL-2 Chemical Cooler 4°CCelfrostFKG 350

Analytical Services
Analytical Services & Instrumentation LabTop
Lab EquipmentMakeModelSupported by
AIL Differential Scanning CalorimeterPerkinElmerJade DSC
AIL Simultaneous Thermal AnalyzerPerkinElmerSTA 6000
AIL Nanoparticle Size AnalyzerBrookhaven 90 Plus
AIL GCShimadzuGC-2014ATF
AIL-2Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission SpectrometerAgilent4100 MP-AES
AIL-2Fourier Transform Infrared SpectrometerBrukerAlpha T
CAMSMass Spectrometer (6540 Ultra high Definition Accurate Mass Q TOF; Ultra high performance LC system; Nano-LC system; HPLC-CHIP /MS interface; GC system)Agilent6540 Ultra high Definition Accurate Mass Q TOF
BL 4BConfocal MicroscopeLeicaLeica SP8 Spectral Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
BL 4AMechanical Testing System (with Saline bath & BioDynamic Chamber)BoseBose Electroforce 3200 Series III Test Instruments
BL 4AFlow CytometerBD BiosciencesBD LSRFortessa
Tinkering LabTop

(19 Feb 2018) Half-day Seminar on Patent Filing and Prosecution in USA: Tips and Pointers for Startups and Inventive Companies (including Get-together of the Pune Inventors Network) by Arjun Bala, Managing partner, Metayage IP Strategy Consulting LLP New

(19 Feb 2018) A seminar on Recent Developments in EP and UK Patent Law and Practice by Ms Punita Shah (Patent Director , HGF Intellectual Property Specialist) New

(9-10 Feb 2018) 2 Days Workshop on Taking Med-Tech Startups Beyond Prototyping:Regulations, IP monetization & Funding New

(22 Jan 2018) Interaction with CTO of (International Health NGO): Praveen Raja, PhD, Vice President for Technology Development and Introduction

(20 Jan 2018) The Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) Awareness Talk on Understand more about funding schemes and incubation facilities

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