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The Entrepreneurship Development Center ('Venture Center') recently received approval under the scheme "Technology Refinement and Marketing Programme (TREMAP)" of Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) to serve as a Technology Commercialization Facilitator (TCF).

TREMAP is a unique program which is designed for supporting the country's innovation pool by pushing the innovative technologies from the prototype stage towards a viable commercial product through a network of Technology Commercialization Facilitators (TCFs). The programme provides opportunities for an early assessment of innovative technologies from innovators both individual & institutional (public / private sector organizations) by identifying their market potential and provides the required support (marketing, operational and financial support) towards commercialization.

For any further information, please email: tremap@venturecenter.co.in

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We have an experienced team which will guide you and assist you in applying for the TREMAP funding. More information on the team and advisors can be found here

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