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Welcome to the TREMAP Technology Commercialization Facilitator (TCF) at Venture Center, Pune!

The Entrepreneurship Development Center ('Venture Center'), Pune is a Technology Commercialization Facilitator Agency of the "Technology Refinement and Marketing Programme (TREMAP)" of the Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC).

During 2009, TIFAC had initiated Technology Refinement and Marketing Programme (TREMAP), to work towards pushing the innovative technologies, up the commercialization cycle, towards market through a network of Technology Commercialization Facilitators (TCFs) and establishing an enabling ecosystem for the same. The objective of the TREMAP programme is to facilitate linkages of the innovative technologies and developed products with market.

TREMAP Supports:
  • Marketing & refinement towards technology transfer
  • Helping make technologies investment ready
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