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TCF Monitoring Committee

About TMC:

TCF Monitoring Committee monitors the activities and progress of the TREMAP Team guiding it appropriately towards achieving its goals.

TMC Members:

 Name Designation
Dr V Premnath

  • Head, NCL Innovations, NCL
  • Head, IP Group, NCL; Scientist, PSE, NCL
  • Director, Venture Center
Dr. V. Premnath holds a B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay & a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He has also been a Chevening Technology Enterprise Fellow with the Centre for Scientific Enterprises, London Business School & Cambridge University, UK
Mr Girish Kelkar

  • Director cMAT Consulting Group & Fellow at NITIE Mumbai

Mr. Kelkar is a senior engineering & management executive with 40 years of industrial experience in Strategic Planning / Business Development (Setting up new ventures & helping the organization for Developing new Businesses), Business Turn around for SME units, Project Management, Technology Operations & Product Development (Concept to Delivery).

Mr.Kelkar holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the COEP / University of Pune & the post graduate degree from the National Institute of Training in Industrial Engineering (NITIE).

Mr Vishwas Paranjpe
  • General Manager - Engg. at Disha Technologies Ltd, Pune, India

Mr. Paranjpe is a senior engineering & management executive with 37 years of industrial experience in software products & application development for a variety of Industry verticals, Project management / Program Management, Quality Management, Operations Management & Product Development (Concept to Delivery).

Mr. Paranjpe is an Industrial Electronics Engineer with a PGD in advance system analysis & software systems

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