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TCF supports with
  • Market assessment
  • Business Planning
  • Support for technology validation & certification
  • Support for testing & trails
  • Support for minor refinements
  • IP facilitation
  • Technology showcasing
  • Industry feedback
  • Technology transfer facilitation
  • Introduction to investors
TREMAP supports with
  • Marketing & refinement towards technology transfer
  • Helping make technologies investment ready (New)
TREMAP is for:
  • Individual innovators
  • Institutional innovators (New)
  • Entrepreneurs trying to raise funding (New)

TCFs, on behalf of TIFAC (TREMAP) would

  1. Interact with the innovator to assess the techo-commercial viability of the innovation for their marketability and potential towards commercialization.
  2. Undertake IPR search and if found having good potential, would prepare a detailed technology commercialization plan (in stages) in consultation with the innovator and the concerned industry.
  3. The stage wise plan prepared by the TCFs for each project would be presented to TIFAC in the form of a proposal, which, if approved, would be supported towards technology refinement / marketing / transfer / commercialization.
  4. Minor refinement of technologies (if required) for enhancing their market acceptability and value addition.
  5. Interact with industry / interested companies for potential technology transfer or in case the innovator wants to start a company, introduce him/her to investors such as TDB / IAN / NEB / SRIJAN / Other technology financing institutions
  6. During the entire project period (till commercialization of the technology), the innovator would remain the absolute owner of the technology (until he / she decides otherwise) and would be involved / kept in confidence in all the refinements / negotiations / technology transfer deals etc.
  7. The final agreement for technology transfer would be signed by the innovator himself / herself.
In return, the innovator will have to provide whole hearted support and cooperation to the TCF / TREMAP team during the entire project period and thereafter.

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