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Eligibility Criteria

Technology should meet the following criteria to be eligible for TREMAP support

  1. Only those technologies (innovations) are considered where at least the working prototype of the innovation is ready and the innovator himself / herself has not been able to take the innovation to the market.
  2. Innovativeness: The technologies should have a significant innovative component whether disruptive / cutting edge or incremental innovation.
  3. Patentability: Technologies/prototypes, processes should be patentable and preferably the Indian patent application should have already been filed.
  4. Scalability: Technologies must have crossed the R&D stage, lab / bench scale level of prototype development work, in-house testing and trials to prove the efficacy etc. Technologies to have potential to be scaled up to the level desired by current /future market demand.
  5. Commercial viability: Feedback / interest / commitment / intent of the manufacturing industries need to be ascertained by TCFs at the time of submitting the proposals at the initial level to ascertain the market demand and acceptability. Further, the TCFs to ascertain & give an undertaking that the innovator is not a partner / share holder / employee of the industry / company which has shown interest in purchasing/licensing etc. of the technology.

Product /technologies not covered under TREMAP

  1. Commercialization of software (Embeded ICT systems with software can, however, be supported).
  2. Defense technologies like arms & armaments
  3. Herbal & pharmaceuticals products requiring long duration / extensive testing, trials etc.

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